Sell Board Games For Profits [The Easy Way]

Board games are great for any family or group of friends to play together. 

I have a full storage container in my garage filled to the brim of old used games.

Now that I think of it, this is a perfect time to start sorting through the games and to start making some extra money out of the items that are just sitting around collecting dust. 

Believe it or not, there is a large market for toys on the internet, including all those excess unplayed games that you may have sitting around.

You can take these old board games collecting dust and turn them into maximum profits! 

This guide is designed to take you through the process of turning these old games into cold hard cash. 

So pass go and collect $200 and get to reading below to help you sell board games. 

Why Board Games Are So Profitable

There are a few different reasons why board games and card games are so profitable, which we will be going over in detail below. 

These are easy to find everywhere like books and have a low inventory cost for cash-strapped sellers.

High Profit Margins

You can turn a pretty penny on classic games or editions that are limited or out of production. 

Whether a board game only has a certain amount of it in circulation or it has a unique design that has stopped being manufactured for years, these are reasons buyers are willing to pay a hefty sum to acquire these games.

If you have a vintage board game set from decades ago sitting in your closet, you can find yourself selling it for at least several times the value at which you bought it, especially if it is still in the original box with all the board game pieces! 

Limited Supply

There are modern board games selling high on the market. Believe it or not, not all board games need to be rare or out of production to gain a lot of value.  

Lack of supply is another reason you can turn a high profit. If you have board games that don’t seem to have too many listings on the marketplace, you can list them yourself for a higher price than what you purchased them for.

Even the current, mass-produced games will only last so long on major retailers shelves, so opportunities are constantly presenting themselves if you know where to look.

Highly Collectible

Unpredictable circumstances may come to your aid when selling your old board games. Maybe there’s a collector who sees the game you are selling and wants to get their hands on it.

But if other people are interested in buying the product, they may be willing to pay a much higher price to secure the purchase.

On sites like eBay, you may be able to start a little bidding war and drive up the price of your game. Selling them on Amazon can mean big profits if you are one of the few sellers with this game too.

board game selling

New Or Used Board Games?

When it comes to selling board games, you may be wondering which inventory is better for profit: a new or used game?

Our answer is both!

As you read earlier, many factors determine the price of a board game. These factors are true for both new and older board games. 

Regardless of the board game’s age, it can sell for a good profit if it’s some limited edition. However, only older board games will have the possibility of carrying some form of vintage or original value to them as well.

Pro Tip: You may be able to find vintage games in excellent condition at estate sales.

However, with newer board games, you will have a wider variety of available titles for selling. Sometimes sheer quantity can help you turn a great profit if the online price is good.

Unless the potential buyer is a collector that requires the board game to be in beautiful game condition, you can find yourself with many potential customers interested in buying your used board games.

As long as it is recognizable as the game you are selling and has all the original components that came with it, you can sell it for a price similar to brand new.

In most circumstances, determined buyers will not care too much about the difference between a party game that doesn’t have its original board game packaging or wrapping and a game that has been used countless times.

As long as there is no visible and severe damage to any vital components, then you should be able to sell it off as a rarely used product to the board game community.

Selling Used Board Games On Amazon

As you might expect, a great way to sell your board games to earn extra money is through Amazon. However, when it comes to selling used board games, you won’t be able to create an Amazon listing in most cases.

This is because Amazon only allows listing toys and games that are either brand new or collectible. Collectible means it must have all the original pieces and meet its comprehensive condition guidelines.

Even if your board game hasn’t been used once, it still won’t qualify as one in “new condition” if it does not have its original wrapping. If the board game you are trying to sell is used and still being produced, then you will have to turn to other online markets to list it.

Alternatives for Used Board Games

Some great alternatives to Amazon are eBay and boardgameco.

Boardgameco is an entire marketplace dedicated to buying, selling, and trading board games. This is perfect if you want to advertise any unique or special pieces you may have, as well as board games you may want to sell.

eBay is another excellent platform for this, though the range of products being sold expands much farther than board games. 

Regardless, you won’t have to worry about your listing being taken down for the condition of the board game, as long as you mention its current condition or usage in the listing.

You can expect a decent profit when selling on either platform.

Selling New Board Games On Amazon FBA

If you have board games that are brand new and in pristine condition, then you’re in business (for Amazon)!

A smart idea and efficient way to do this is through Amazon’s FBA program or Fulfillment By Amazon.

By signing up for this program, you can not only list your board games on Amazon but send the listed products to Amazon’s warehouse, where they can take care of the packaging and shipping to customers.

You are required to set up a Professional Seller account subscription and various FBA fees and shipping costs will apply depending on the units sent. 

However, it is essential to follow the exact instructions that Amazon gives you once you are a part of the FBA program. Incorrect packaging or shipping of the products may result in the shipments being sent back to you at your own expense.

If you follow instructions and have a keen eye for detail, you should do quite well as an FBA seller!

Note: Here, you’ll find a detailed guide that explains the basic steps to properly set up an Amazon seller’s account and enroll in the Fulfillment By Amazon program.

By following the official steps that Amazon themselves provides, you will be able to begin selling your new board games immediately.

If you would like to sell board games through Amazon FBA but don’t own any yourself, you don’t have to worry. A great program many people use to source items and resell them is Tactical Arbitrage.

Tactical Arbitrage not only allows you to source the products you want at a low cost that is profitable but is also engineered to make your online selling experiences much easier and much more enjoyable. 

board gane

How to Use Tactical Arbitrage to Source New Board Games? 

If you want to find new board games that you can acquire to sell on Amazon, Tactical Arbitrage has many built-in features. It can help you locate new games for the best possible cost.

Pro Tip: If you have some flexibility in your purchasing budget, it may be wise to consider using Tactical Arbitrage for a variety of products, as this can help you get more products and boost sales in the long run. 

By utilizing its online sourcing software (available on your internet browser without download), Tactical Arbitrage goes through countless online catalogs searching for the best prices.

Two prime examples of where the app searches are Target and Walmart. Both mainstream stores that you can find many board games for affordable budget prices.

In fact, as of today writing this article, Target is having a buy 2 games and get one game free sale. Slap in the savings discounts (33% off) and match up your sales rank and other preferred parameters and you get a nice list of profitable hot game deals to sell.

Tactical Arbitrage will not only find the specific search queries from these two stores, but it will compare them to countless other retailers. This feature makes sure you can land yourself the best deal possible. 

It is an excellent program for anyone looking to get into online retailing, especially those using the Amazon FBA program.

Here are some reasons why you should use Tactical Arbitrage if you are an Amazon FBA seller looking to make board games sales: 

  • Great for first time sellers with many budget-friendly options
  • Has built-in automated product sourcing in their easy and convenient browser program
  • Compares the prices of products that you search for to a wide range of online retailers
  • Increases product range and potential for Arbitrage and retailing growth.

Tactical Arbitrage increases your profit potential when working as a source and seller. Whether you’re a one-person operation or have an entire team working together, this is the best tool you can use to help you save time.

You can find more information on the program, features, and subscription plans right here.

As you can see, this is one of the best tools in the market for sourcing products, getting the best deals, and improving your online selling experiences.

Should you choose to sell on other online marketplaces such as eBay instead of Amazon. Tactical Arbitrage can still do wonders in improving your experiences as a seller and quality of life as a researcher.

The only main difference between Amazon FBA and other online marketplaces is that you will have to handle the packaging and shipping of items that you sell. However, this may be the better option for selling used board games rather than new or collectibles. 

Find Wholesale Board Game Options

Wholesale is the practice of buying desired products in bulk from a supplier in order to resell to customers. When it comes to board games, the wholesale process is no different.

Thanks to current programs and online retail marketplaces, you’ll find that there are many safe and efficient wholesale options for you to look into. 

Remember, there is a clear difference between wholesaling and arbitrage. As stated earlier, wholesaling focuses on bulk purchases of a specific product type, while arbitrage is more geared towards sourcing individual items at retail stores both online and in store.

However, you can still utilize its many other features to not only enhance your Amazon FBA Wholesale experience but ensure that you are getting the best products for the best deal. 

Fear not!

Many wholesale websites are created explicitly for sourcing board games, which you can find with a quick search on your internet browser.

Comparing these different sites together using Tactical Arbitrage will allow you to find the best wholesale detail. 

For finding some sites, you can browse southernhobby and koleimports!

It’s Not Just About Sourcing!

Tactical Arbitrage doesn’t just help you source items from stores. It can even help you acquire the number of yearly sales (sales rank) from different board game titles!

These features are great, especially when you buy board games low and sell them high. Just in case you were wondering, the board game industry is expected to rise to $12 billion by 2023, meaning there is still time for you to take advantage and be a part of that rising industry!

One of my favorite stores to source is Target, as they offer reasonable prices and great deals that you won’t find in many other retailers. 

Not only do they have a wide variety of board games with amazing deals to go along with it, but they proudly sell board games individually at a much lower price than their wholesale value! 

This means, essentially, that you can purchase many individual games of the same kind from Target yet get them at a lower price than if you were to buy bulk from another provider. 

Are There Ways I Can Sell my Board Game Without Using An Online Marketplace?


While utilizing sites such as Amazon and eBay would be much more convenient, there are other ways you can offload your valuable board games for profit without the help of the internet. 

First up is by having garage sales. More people may be inclined to go around and look for things to buy.

A yard sale is also perfect if you have loads of other things that you want to sell aside from your board game collection. While you may not be able to gain as large of a profit margin as you would with the online options, this is an entirely valid way of selling board games in itself. 

Another option you may have is pawning the board games off. If you have an excellent game, depending on its age or rarity, there may be pawn stores willing to buy it from you for a more than acceptable sum.

Pawning is perfect for people who would like to sell their board games in a one-and-done experience without the hassle or commitment of maintaining an online selling account!

Finally, partaking in an auction may be your best chance at making a significant profit without utilizing online venues. If you have collectible toys & games or limited edition board games in pristine condition, then you may want to consider enrolling it as an item in an auction.

With buyers from all walks of life attending to see what is being offered, there is a high probability that someone present will see the board game you are offering and provide a large sum of money to acquire it. 

While these offline options are available, we still think the more serious seller should consider online stores for turning a consistent profit.

Before You Pass Go…Final Thoughts

So, whether you’re an experienced salesperson looking to capitalize on the growing board game industry or someone simply trying to make some quick profit off of what you have lying around, there couldn’t be a more suitable time for you to take action.

Thanks to modern technology, there are many ways for you to market and sell your favorite board games to a broad audience and make a significant profit in return. 

Of course, along with the growing marketplace is the ever-increasing number of tools specifically designed to help you succeed on these platforms. 

While many can excel in one area or another, Tactical Arbitrage is your go-to when it comes to growing in every opportunity. 

If you don’t know, I’ll give you a quick rundown about why Tactical Arbitrage is the best program to choose. 

First, it is excellent and affordable for smaller businesses and sellers who have smaller budgets. The most basic plan is very affordable yet still includes all the features you need to develop a successful selling profile.

However, if you decide to get the higher tiers, you will be getting a premium option with much better value. You will find yourself gaining more and more from the program the more you dive into the options. 

The second reason to try Tactical Arbitrage is the features. This app is packed with features to help you source products, get the best deal, and improve sales.

With its ability to search thousands of online retailers in a matter of seconds, you’ll have the detailed information you need at your disposal, which would have taken you countless hours of research if you had done it by hand. 

Finally, the improvement in the quality of your work life is an excellent reason to try Tactical Arbitrage. The many features included with Tactical Arbitrage only make your job easier to do.

From the detailed web searches and price comparisons to the entire program being compatible with your browser and not needing to download information, this app not only saves you time but also money and effort as well! 

So, if you are ever considering selling your board games online for some excellent, quick profit, Tactical Arbitrage is here to give you a fast and fantastic start to your selling journey. 

Related Questions

How Do I Sell a Board Game?

There are several ways you can sell a board game. Without the use of online marketplaces, you can sell your board games through yard sales, auctions, or pawn shops.

As for online retailing, you can utilize websites such as eBay and Amazon. Just make sure that you’re following their seller guidelines to minimize the risk of any problem or error arising.

Are Old Board Games Worth Any Money?

Most definitely! As long as it is in a presentable condition with all its components, you can sell it for a great price.

On top of that, if the board game is a collectible or some form of limited edition game, you can find people willing to buy it for premium prices! Don’t chuck out your old games without seeing what they are worth online.

What Can I Do With Unwanted Board Games?

If you have unwanted board games that are simply lying around in your house, you should consider listing them for sale on online marketplaces or pawning them off at your local pawn shop!

You can choose various options when it comes to selling off your board games, and most —if not all — should be readily available for you to use. However, another option you can consider is donating board games to organizations or charities that could use them. 

Finally, if you aren’t interested in trying to turn a profit, you could donate the games to a school, assisted living facility, or thrift stores.

Is There a Significant Industry for Board Games?

You bet! The board game industry alone was worth $14.21 billion in 2020 and is projected to rise well past $20 billion by 2025.

As you can see, the industry is only continuing to increase as time goes on, making this a fantastic investment that will only continue to grow in the future. Starting a board game FBA shop could be quite profitable.

How Much Can I Expect to Make Off of Selling Board Games? 

Just like selling anything else, turning a profit on your board games will come down to hard work, great listings, and the current market.

How much you make depends on the board games you are selling and how many potential customers are willing to pay to acquire what you have.

If the game is no longer in the market, you can expect collectors to flock towards you in hopes of taking the game off your hands!

Is it Expensive to Use Amazon FBA and Tactical Arbitrage?

When compared to other programs used to create selling accounts and source products, you’re not going to get a better deal for your purchasing price.

The only expenses you’ll be paying for when using Amazon FBA are around $39.99 monthly for the professional selling account as well as possible additional fees for the products you send.

As for Tactical Arbitrage, there is a wide variety of plans designed for lower budgets while still providing high-quality services to the customers using them.

Selling board games or other products may require a small financial investment, but if you’re looking into getting into sourcing and selling online, then these programs are most definitely worth it.