How to Achieve Amazon Sales Success

Amazon FBA provides one of the best ways for online entrepreneurs to make money right from their homes. The platform allows sellers to display their products to millions of buyers in all of its marketplaces.

One of the advantages of selling your product on Amazon FBA is the broad audience that you have access to. 

Unlike starting a new e-commerce store that takes:

  1. Creating a New Site
  2. Acquiring customers to your site

The most difficult part is that you need to immediately build their trust in order to convert visitors into sales. 

Amazon provides you with millions of already registered buyers who have faith in the marketplace and hence will buy your product regardless of when you started.

The truth is that anyone can make money on Amazon FBA, but not everyone eventually ends up becoming a successful seller there. 

Just as there are millions of sellers making a ton from the platform, there are a thousand more frustrated sellers making nothing or less to nothing from it.

Becoming a successful seller on Amazon requires much more than hard work and patience. For instance, the price advantage is one of the reasons successful sellers can sell the same product at a lower market price and still make profits from their sales. 

To gain this price advantage, you will need to search hundreds of physical stores or e-commerce platforms.  You need to search for the best offers and products which you can resell on Amazon at a higher price. 

Tactical Arbitrage can help you to do all this.

In this post, we’ll analyze some of the best practices that can help you to sell more of your products on Amazon. This will help you to make more money than you probably are already making. 

Let’s dive into the best practices that you can use to become a successful seller on Amazon FBA.

How to Achieve Amazon Sales Success

How to Become a Successful Seller on Amazon

There are several good practices that will lead to becoming an amazon seller that can dominate the marketplace.

Finding the Quality Products

When it comes to Amazon FBA or every other marketplace, good products win every time. People are continually looking for the best means to solve their problems, satisfy their needs, or have the best time of their lives.

As a seller who wants to make money from Amazon, one of the very first rules you must stick to, is to ensure you focus on quality products. 

Finding the best products and supplying them to the Amazon marketplace is one of the surest ways to succeed.  The right products give you an edge of survival and will eventually win in the marketplace. 

Doing this is the main key ingredient in the Amazon FBA recipe for success.

Nothing kills your chances of surviving the fierce competition in the marketplace as a seller like bad or low-quality products.

As such, when sourcing for your products from either manufacturers or retail stores, you might want to test them personally or go through the reviews of previous buyers to know more about the product, its features, and the benefits for your buyers.

How to Become a Successful Seller on Amazon

Good Things Come In Small Packages

As a rule of thumb, it’s often advisable that you stick with lightweight and small size products. 

Small and lightweight products are generally easier to package and cheaper to ship than the heavy or large ones.  

Finding a product that matches both of these will help reduce the shipping cost and increase your bottom line.

The Right Season

Another aspect you might want to consider when buying a product to sell on your Amazon FBA account is seasonality. The goods that tend to sell only at a particular time of the year are called seasonal products. 

For instance, seasonal products such as sun hats tend to sell more in spring and summer, rather than in winter or autumn. 

You might want to consider this when shopping for your inventory or better avoid seasonal products altogether.

Go for products that give real value to your customers. They should either help them solve a real-life problem, make their task easier, or simply be a part of their hobby.

Stocking Your Inventory Using Tactical Arbitrage


Once you land on a product to sell on your Amazon FBA, the next logical step is to find a marketplace where you can buy the product.  

You must purchase it at a lower price or discount so you can resell it on Amazon at the full cost to make a healthy profit.

This means manually browsing through hundreds of stores on the internet.  You must do this while keeping track of product costs, sales ranks, and other Amazon fees. 

Tactical Arbitrage eliminates all the problems mentioned above. 

It is a tool that provides a quick way for Amazon sellers to find and compare the prices of goods across hundreds of online retail stores in different countries, all with the click of a button.

Tactical Arbitrage gives you the opportunity to find the lowest prices you can get a particular product.  

All of this while you are in your pajamas.

Optimizing Your Product Search Metrics

Every marketplace and website on the internet that utilizes the search box feature makes use of keywords. 

Keywords are the phrases a potential buyer types in the search field when they are looking for a product. 

The Amazon search browses through the thousands of items listed on there that matches the query.  Finally, it displays all results that contain the keywords used. 

These results are then arranged based on how well the descriptions match with the keywords, among other things. 

This is why a particular product appears on the first page for a specific search, and when the search query is varied, it shows up in another number.

We want our goods to always come in the first ten results when a user searches for a keyword for one of our products. This increases the visibility of the products and the chances that we’ll eventually make a sale.

Coming up in the top search result will only be possible when the product is fully optimized for Amazon search engines.

How to Optimize Your Products for Higher Ranking on Amazon

higher rank

Start with Your Product Title

Your product title is one of the most critical elements to consider when you want to rank higher on the Amazon. 

For starters, you might want to ensure that your product title contains a high-density keyword.  A high-density keyword is a keyword that buyers use most frequently when they are looking for your item. 

For instance, when users look for cases to protect their phones, they will most likely search for ‘phone cases’ instead of the word ‘cases’ solely. These keywords should appear in your product title.

Many tools on the internet will give you ideas on different keywords, and their volume search per month on Amazon: 

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs 
  • Moz
  • Several Free Chrome Browser Extensions

You should ensure that your brand name appears in your product title.  Some other relevant keywords to add to your title are:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Ingredients

Your Amazon Backend Keywords

Amazon provides five different fields for sellers to set particular keywords for which they will want their goods to be discovered. 

When a buyer browses through the marketplace using any one of the five keywords you have set for your item, Amazon search engines will return your item in the search result for the buyer to make a choice.

Before filling these keyword fields, you might want to ensure you only make use of keywords that receive large volumes of monthly searches for your products. 

Avoid using a keyword that receives large volumes but is not relevant to your products. These can result in penalties and the removal of your items from the Amazon search algorithm.

Optimize Your Product Description

Your product description is the only place you can ‘sell’ your products to buyers. 

It is the place to inform your buyers about the features of your products, what they can do for them as well as the benefits of purchasing them from you.

While you need to keep the product description as natural as possible, you might want to utilize the keywords you got from your keyword research in the product description earlier.

Amazon algorithm also searches through your product description and looks for features matching users’ search phrases. 

It is vital that you keep the description as natural as possible. Let the sentences flow naturally enough for customers to be able to read through them concisely.   

At the same time, you want them to have a good keyword density to rank well on the Amazon.

Improve Your Conversions

Using a video in your listing will also help immensely.  Not every user will read through your description and prefer watching a video demonstration instead.

Videos will help if you can describe the following:

  • What your item is about
  • How it can help your buyers
  • How to use or assemble it,

Including all of these will lead to higher conversions.  These are the details to include help bolster trust and confidence for your product and brand.


Reviews are Important

Everyone reads reviews. 

Be it a popular or relatively new product, people will always want to read other people’s opinions about the product before going ahead to decide on whether to buy it or not.

You should work towards getting a few reviews for your products as early as possible. Just be aware that Amazon is strict about how you can solicit for reviews.  

Make sure you read the Amazon terms of service (TOS) to ensure you are compliant.  You can reach out to the customers following Amazon’s guidelines after they have received the product and ask for a review. 

Your product reviews are the vote of satisfaction. 

Try to protect it as much as possible by meeting up with your buyer’s expectations. If they leave a bad review, go through their comments, and find out how you can improve the issue for future customers.

Most buyers often leave negative reviews due to missing product parts or damage in transit. Should that be the case, reship the missing parts to them or even offer to replace the product.  Hopefully, they will change their review.

Reviews are Important

Promoting Your Products

Amazon already provides you with an enormous marketplace. This is probably the reason why you want to start your store on this marketplace.

While Amazon will faithfully promote your products to millions of users, it will also actively market your competitors as well. 

For this reason, you might want to get involved in the promotion process to increase your chances of success on the platform. 

Amazon Pay per click (PPC) advertising is also a good way to promote your product if you have the budget.  There are several strategies to being profitable using this method if you know what you are doing.

Another aspect to look into when you want to promote your Amazon product is social media.  Build a large followers base on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media platforms. 

All the social media platforms offer an ads option that allows you to promote your products. 

Achieving success on Amazon as a seller is quite possible regardless of your previous marketing background. 

All it takes is for you to find the right goods to sell, utilize the right keywords, and promote your goods like never before.

Tactical Arbitrage is the number one tool to find and compare the costs of products from hundreds of retail stores simultaneously. Using it will save you time & money as well as give you the data to avoid crappy products.