37 Best Things to Resell For a Profit Online [More Money Edition]

What are the best things to resell for a profit? 

What can you sell to make money? 

The options of items to flip are endless, but there are a few things that might be a little more profitable than others. 

Knowing what to look for is key. I have been doing this for years and I have trained myself to sort good deals from bad deals. 

I want to share a few pieces of my knowledge to help you get a leg up on the competition. Think of it as my way of paying it forward and helping future sellers like someone else helped me. 

I narrowed down a list of 37 different things you can resell for a profit online. If you just find one item from this list, you can make money by finding it over and over again. 

Let’s get to it. Here are the 37 best items to resell for profit online.

The Best Things to Resell for Profit Online 

I want to build a little suspense…Screw it, let’s get right to it.

Unique Items 

Most people are willing to pay premium prices for weird and uncommon items making them great flips. 

The good thing about these items is that they are readily available. 

You can find some hidden gems with huge profit margins in flea markets, a thrift store, and even high end brand retail stores.

1. Antiques Of All Kinds

It’s no secret that people love old things. Nostalgia positively impacts the value of these products. This makes them highly profitable.  

You have to make some money to continue to sell, right? So finding these for little money is the goal.

The most common antiques are dishes, porcelain, and furniture. 

They are available from your local thrift store, consignment shops, or local yard shops. Or even your garage or barn. 

Antiques are among the most profitable items to flip with a profit range of between $50 to over $100. They can be sold on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. 

Get into the habit of popping into your local thrift store to find the best things to buy and sell.


2. Furniture Made From Real Wood

These have high-profit margins and can easily be found in thrift stores or estate sales.

Good quality wood furniture can last for very long periods with the occasional need for refinishing. More intriguing is that you can easily find unwanted and old furniture from people around you.

A quick visit to the local furniture yard and you’re sure to find something. This can earn you over $100 easily with eBay and other online auction sites. 

3. Vintage Electronics

Look out for highly sought-after gadgets like record players, Walkmans, and certain cameras. These are available from thrift store yard sales and can fetch you over $100 on eBay. 

I have even found these items in clearance bins at my local Walgreens. You would be amazed at the number of VCR’s that are sold on eBay every day. 

There is a good market and business for these things to flip.

4. Video Games & Consoles

Make massive profits by sourcing and selling the latest as well as vintage video games and game consoles.

These can be sold on Amazon Marketplace, local Facebook marketplace, or even eBay. Flipping items like these can fetch profits in the range between $20-$100 (or even more).  

You can find some great video game titles in flea markets and pair it up with a video game console to maximize your profit margin.

5. Vintage Clothing

People always desire to have that flashy trend look whilst on a small budget hence vintage clothing is a viable flipping option.

The best clothing for the highest returns is designer clothes, those with price tags still intact, sports jerseys, and specific tour band t-shirts. 

Make money by uncluttering your closet and selling your gently used or clothes that you no longer wear. The best site for selling is via Etsy, eBay, Facebook marketplace among many others. This will earn you $20 and more.

Here is our guide on how to sell clothes on Amazon that you should check out.

6. Sports Memorabilia

Sports fans all over the world love jerseys, vintage hats, autographed sports items, cards, ticket stubs and wouldn’t mind having these for their collection. 

They sell well on eBay from $50 and above and people look forward to buying them as gifts.


7. Vintage Rugs

Those old unique carpets are a quick sale as long as they are of high quality and unique design. The older, the better.

You can sell from hundreds to thousands of dollars on eBay. I have never personally sold a rug online, but I have had some friends do it in the past. 

8. Pyrex & Glassware

Vintage Pyrex cookware and glasses of different colors and shapes. Look out for anything out of the ordinary for maximum profits.

You can sell them from $10 to $100 on eBay.

9. Picture Frames

Go for frames that are more adorned, bigger, older, and in generally acceptable condition as these will yield the highest values.

Be on the lookout for frames that come with ready photos as the frames themselves may merit a worthy amount. 

These can be gotten from thrift stores and sold via eBay or even locally from $10 to $100.

10. Power Tools (New & Used)

These are in high demand and readily available for flipping. Since they are expensive, second-hand tools are highly attractive to those seeking to save some money.

Go for those with brand names as these are more valuable.

You can sell them on the Facebook marketplace or eBay for $50 and above.

11. Collectible Jewelry

Custom designer jewelry is a hot cake in the flipping world. Your earnings from these will depend on the quality, demand, and style. Ensure you go for top on quality unique stuff.

You can sell them on Etsy, eBay, or Facebook marketplace from $10 to hundreds of dollars.

12. Unique Collectibles

You can make some money by selling your crazy and unique collectibles including souvenirs from past years, old t-shirts, salt shakers, park items, postcards, and anything you consider crazy.

Etsy, eBay, Facebook marketplace are good places to start. 

13. Books

These are some of the simplest and most common items popularly flipped for profits. Vintage novels, textbooks, and first editions are the highest paying.

You can also reap more profits if you can come up with book sets.

With books, you get an unlimited supply from sources like Tactical Arbitrage (Yes..we find profitable books, too), library sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and department stores clearance sections.

Bookscouster, cash4books, Amazon, and eBay are some avenues you can use to sell with a profit range of between $10- $80.

14. Watches (New & Used)

Vintage or mechanical watches are a goldmine when it comes to flipping as there are many collectors in search of these. These can be obtained from garage sales and yard sales.

You only need to ensure that they are working, perform some minor repairs, and perhaps get a new battery and you will be good to go.

Just like anything else vintage, the older, the better. You can make anything between $15- $60 selling old watches via eBay or Amazon. 


15. Bikes (New & Used)

Bikes are always in high demand. People are always selling them.

You can find great deals on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or even garage sales. They offer good profit margins of between $50-$100.

16. Board Games (New & Used)

Board games have a way of bringing life to a party. However, these fun games often go out of production and become hard to find. 

You will find buyers on eBay (or even Amazon) and can make from $30-$50 in profit.

17. Lego (New & Used)

You will always find individuals disposing of Legos as their children outgrow them. 

This presents an excellent opportunity for you as a flipper to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers.

Look for full sets or bricks in bulk. Lego flipping is a perfect opportunity to find profit. 

18. Old Sewing Patterns

Remember those old styles used by your grandmother when sewing your favorite cloth as a child? Well, these seem to be in demand currently and could make you some bucks.

Be on the lookout for those aged over 20 years from the local yard sales at low prices and flip for a profit. You can make from $10+ on eBay with this.

19. Designer Eyeglass Frames

Prescription eyeglasses are quite expensive. As such people are always looking online for cheaper designer alternatives.

You can get quality second-hand designer frames from the garage sale near you and sell them on eBay for a profit range of between $30-$70. 

20. Designer Shoes (New & Used)

Used, but new-like designer shoes from renowned brands are great for reselling.

Many people love designer shoes but are unable to afford them. They will be willing to buy these second-hand shoes at a discount.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a shoe guy, but those who know what they are looking for can profit big. 

The profit potential is between $20-$1000+.

21. Ink and Toner Cartridges (New & Used)

The demand for these items is always high as they can be flipped within hours (with the right product)..

Prospective buyers set up alerts on different auction sites to get notifications once their type is listed.

They are easily sold on eBay and other sites with a profit potential of $20 and more.

22. Photography Gear (New & Used)

High-quality lenses can be used for a couple of decades. If you have a thing for good lenses and cameras, it’s time you considered converting your hobby into a business. Both vintage and non-vintage photography equipment have a strong resale market. 

People who adore photography are willing to spend on it, so take advantage of it to make you some cash. You can sell these on eBay, Amazon, Facebook marketplace for a profit potential of $50 and more.


23. Stuffed Animals (New & Used)

People who had favorite stuffed animals for toys as they grew up may want to think back on the good memories they had with these plush animals.

They will be willing to spend on these items. Don’t hesitate to check out these items from yard sales or thrift stores near you for reselling. This can give you anything from $30 on eBay and Amazon.

24. Vintage Swimwear

Almost everyone loves swimming. It’s an in thing at the moment.

Look out for swimming caps, bathing suits, skirted suits, and anything related to swimming and start reselling. These have an unlimited market on eBay, Amazon, and other online auction sites.

Check them out to ensure they are in good condition with no seams hanging for maximum profits. The profit potential is between $10-$100+

25. Vintage Cabinet Knobs

Many people have a preference for vintage ideas to beautify their homes. I blame HGTV, but I digress. 

You will be in the money if you are capable of identifying and coming up with vintage knobs.

You can sell these on Etsy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace among other sites. The profit potential is between $10-200+. 

Large Items to Buy And Sell

Instead of thinking obscure, sometimes you can think large. A lot of people shy away from large items due to shipping costs, but this presents an opportunity for a profit. 

Consider some of these items and earn yourself some good profits:

26. Commercial Equipment (New & Used)

New companies are being started on a daily basis. As such, entrepreneurs look for cheap equipment to jump start their business.

As a flipper, you can identify companies that are disposing of their old equipment such as riding lawn mowers, pizza ovens, scissors lifts, insulation blowers among others.

Since they are super bulky and hard to store many sellers are motivated to sell them as fast as they can. You can acquire them cheaply and resell them at 50% higher amounts.

27. Appliances (New & Used)

These are usually big and bulky. People want to quickly get rid of this problem by disposing of them.

This presents an opportunity to make some money out of this stuff as new appliances are quite expensive.

Most people will opt for second-hand appliances at half the retail price of new ones. You can get these items through Craigslist.

These can be sold on eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace for a profit of $100+

28. Exercise Equipment (New & Used)

Just like appliances, exercise equipment can be quite pricey.

Home gyms, treadmills, exercise bikes, and other sports equipment take up a lot of space.

As such, sellers are always willing to get rid of them. This can fetch you pretty good profit margins of above $100+ on eBay and Facebook.

29. Furniture (New & Used)

People looking to move, redesign or change their furniture want to quickly sell presenting you a low buy possibility. I have been this person and I just wanted the stuff gone.

You will always find someone selling and another seeking to buy furniture whether outdoor, upholstered, or even wood.

Just look for high-quality used furniture, put some work into them to increase the value, and go flipping.

30. Restaurant Equipment (New & Used)

You can’t go wrong with these as new items tend to be quite costly.

New restaurant owners are always looking for cheaper ovens, dishwashers, mixers, coolers, or fridges for their venture. You can exploit this opportunity by getting used, but good quality equipment.

These large-sized products can be found by going through Craigslist or local apps and resold in various online auction sites like eBay and have a high-profit range of between a hundred to a thousand dollars.

You can even find sources for new restaurant supplies & equipment using Tactical Arbitrage.


Other Profitable Items (Both Used & New)

31. Baby and Kid Gear (New & Used)

From a new dad, I can say this: Kids are expensive and they move through items quickly. These items include clothing, toys, strollers, swings, and diaper bags.

Be on the lookout for slightly used baby gear and turn this into a lucrative side hustle on Amazon, eBay, or Facebook marketplace to earn from $10 to hundreds of dollars. 

32. Musical Instruments (New & Used)

You can find musical instruments in good working conditions including guitars, pianos, flutes, and others from people who have abandoned their hobbies at low prices for flipping. Take advantage of the quitters and profit from their lack of interest. 

33. Scrap Metal

You can get tons of metal scrap from Craigslist, local businesses, or even your neighbors..

Recycling centers near you will be willing to pay handsomely for the scrap.

With non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, and aluminum you can easily earn over $400 per month if you take advantage of hauling other people’s junk to the scrap yard.

34. Electronics (New & Used)

Search through your own junk for old, but working electronics including iPhones, tablets, cameras, camera lenses, and other older electronic products. People will pay for these as opposed to the high prices of new ones.

35. Clothes (New & Used)

These are some of the easiest items for online reselling. Go through racks for designer labels, tags, specialty pieces, etc for maximum returns.

People with brand preferences, but tight on a budget will opt for second-hand clothes.

These can be sold on eBay, consignment stores, or Facebook with an earning potential of between $5 to over $100 per item.

36. Toys

Search through garages and thrift stores for toys such as American Girl Dolls, vintage toys, Legs, and toys from the ’80s. 

These can be flipped on eBay or Amazon for a big profit. 

37. VCR and VHS tapes

Trashed VCR and VHS tapes in your garage can be hot sellers on eBay.

They can fetch from $50 and above if you have the right title. Do some searches to find these in demand titles and keep an eye out for them when you are searching for deals.

Online Arbitrage Is a Good Skill To Master For Profit

If you are not a fan of physical shopping or roaming a flea market, but still interested in selling online, then online arbitrage will be a better option.

This involves searching for items to resell from online sites without having to physically visit the traditional brick and mortar stores. 

It involves exploiting price differentials in different markets in order to make a profit. You will need to thoroughly research and master this skill before you can gain from it. 

There is a little learning curve, but once you master it, there is plenty of profit to be made.

To speed up your learning curve, Tactical Arbitrage has got your back with a free trial. This powerful tool makes the sourcing of products to flip on Amazon easier.

It comes with dynamic data analysis that eliminates guesswork by comparing the historical buying and selling prices and ranks the best performing products.

You end up buying items to sell with confidence knowing that the products will sell well with the desired profit.

Sign up for free now and give Tactical Arbitrage a try.

Final Thoughts 

Reselling items for a profit is a lucrative opportunity to make much-needed extra cash.

The above list of items to flip should give you a starting point for your searching. From there, let your imagination run wild and locate the best items to resell.

If you need to go a few steps further, you should give Tactical Arbitrage a try. You can sign up for free here.