30 Best Cashback Sites [Online Arbitrage Edition]

Ever since I started selling on Amazon, I had heard the old phrase:

“Make money when you buy inventory to increase your profit margin.”

At first, I thought this didn’t make a lot of sense. How can you make money when you buy something? 

The answer is simple. Cash back sites. 

Cash back sites are affiliate networks that pay you a percentage of their commission to use their affiliate links. In non-marketing lingo, that means you get a percentage back of everything you buy through their site.

In even simpler terms, it means free money just sitting on the table that you need to be grabbing every time you source.

Naturally, the next question you are going to have is:

“What are the best cashback sites?”

It’s a great question and if you have read the blog at all, you know the answer is going to be: It depends. 

The best cashback site is going to be the one that pays you the highest percentage cash back on your purchase and provides the payments in a timely fashion.

And I imagine you still have a few more questions like:

But why cashback sites? How do they work? And which are the best?

Let’s dig a little deeper and explore the best cashback sites to use for online arbitrage.

How Do Cashback Sites Work? 

Cashback sites function as middlemen on the internet. They strike deals with online retailers in which the company pays them a commission for each customer they refer.

They give cash back using some of the commission received to lure customers to go through them rather than straight to the retailer’s website. 

On the user side, the whole process of using a cashback site is pretty easy.

To get started:

  • Sign up to a cashback site
  • Log in and search for the online retailer you want to purchase from
  • Click the special link on the cashback’s site to visit the store’s site
  • Complete your purchase
  • Request for your payout of cashback earned from the cashback site

cashback sites

When & How Do You Get Paid? 

The payment time frame varies from site to site, with some allowing instant payout, while for others, you have to wait for a few weeks or even months.

However, the cashback site has to confirm your purchase with the retailer before making payment. Otherwise, they don’t get a commission and would basically be paying you for nothing.

In most cases, you will have to wait until the returns period is over before getting your payout. Some other cashback sites have a set limit that you must cross before withdrawing from them.

Although the payment methods vary depending on the site, the most popular options are PayPal, direct deposits, check, and gift cards. 

On some sites, you can even get a little bit more added for choosing some cashback on gift cards for some retailers. It is like an extra cherry on top, especially if you like to source from certain stores where you can use the gift cards.

30 Best Cashback Sites To Make Higher Reselling Profits

1. Rakuten

This veteran cashback site, formerly known as eBates, was founded in 1999 and boasted of having more than 10 million users globally.

Besides offering some of the highest cashback percentages in the industry, with up to 40% on select stores, Rakuten has a browser plug-in that notifies you when cashback savings are available and provides an account summary at a glance.

This eliminates the need to visit Rakuten’s website to allow purchase tracking. Isn’t this awesome? Other notable features are coupons, promo codes, and seasonal promotions. 

Payments are made quarterly via check or PayPal.

2. Top Cashback

Don’t you want a site that offers the highest cashback rates? Top Cashback tops the list of the best-paying sites out there.

Unlike other sites, this cashback site will give you a 100% of the commission they earn on your purchase. This is rare, but awesome if it falls during a time you are sourcing.

The greatest thing about Top Cashback is that besides it being a cashback site, it also offers you a way to make extra savings through sales and coupons.

With it, you will earn 3% consistently across all sites and it offers a free app for downloading on Android and iOS devices.

3. Mr. Rebates

Founded in 2002, Mr rebates is a site is among the oldest, boasting over 3000 approved stores to shop from and earn cashback.

The site features varied offers weekly, allowing you to earn up to 10% cash back depending on where you shop.

What’s more fascinating about the site is its incredibly low cashout threshold of just $10. You can withdraw your cash via Paypal, check, or gift cards.

mr rebates

4. Swagbucks

This is a California-based cashback site that partners with over 1500 merchants, including Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

The best thing about Swagbucks is that it offers various ways to earn points, referred to as Swagbucks.

Register for a free account to begin earning points by shopping, taking surveys, surfing the web, and watching videos on their website portal.

If you sign up and spend $25 in the first month, you will earn $5. 

Payment is through gift cards or Paypal.

5. BeFrugal

Do you want to be frugal?

Well, with this cashback site, you can save more online. The Boston-based company has a huge network of over 5000 retailers to shop with and earn your cashback.

The site offers an impressive 40% cashback on your purchases through their portal, plus a $10 sign-up bonus as well as access to coupons.

Like other cashback sites, you shop through their portal or use their Chrome extension to apply savings. Cashback payouts are in the form of direct deposits, check PayPal, and gift cards.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta is a fantastic site to use if you want to earn cashback in several ways.

You can earn money using the shopping portal, which offers you free cashback when you click a link from the site to an online store, make a purchase, or upload your receipts.

Ibotta offers an app that makes it easy for you to upload your receipts whenever you shop at grocery stores. It’s a nice addition for those who want cashback on retail arbitrage.

You can earn at least $20 as cashback and a $10 sign-up bonus. Payout is through PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards. The site’s withdrawal threshold is $20

7. ShopAtHome

With ShopAtHome, you can earn cashback by clicking on shopping links on their site than waiting for the cashback to be automatically applied.

The company was founded in 1986 and has links with over 2000 stores, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.

You can add a savings button browser plug-in to notify you anytime you visit a partner site.

They offer a sign-up bonus of $10 and allows you to have a minimum of $20 before you can withdraw. The payment options are Paypal, check, or gift card.

8. Honey

Unlike other cashback sites, this is a free browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge that helps you find coupons while you shop.

You can then apply those coupons to your order and realize immediate savings.

This means you can easily see if something was previously offered for a lower price and set up an alert to notify you when the price drops.

Its cashback component, referred to as Honey Gold, gives you a randomized rebate rate rather than a fixed one. You can only pay out the gold you earn in gift cards.


9. Earny

Ok – This one isn’t a cashback site, but I had to throw it in here. Earny was created to simplify the process of getting refunds for online purchases.

The app connects to your Google and Amazon accounts to get refunds for your past purchases if the price has dropped.

It keeps an eye on your emails for receipts and seeks a refund on your behalf if it finds a lower price for the item you purchased. 

As payment for the service, Earny takes 25% of the refund, leaving you with 75%. This way, you get to save money without having to do any hard work yourself.

10. RebatesMe

With over 600,000 users, It comes with a cashback protection program which is quite uncommon in cashback systems.

This is helpful if you accidentally drop a site’s tracking as they get in touch with the concerned retailer to rectify the situation. How great?

RebatesMe comes with a browser extension that notifies you when cashback is available on the website you are currently browsing.

This lets you earn a sign-up bonus of 30% upon spending the first $10. Withdrawing via gift cards instead of Paypal will earn an extra $10.

11. Upromise

This site focuses on providing cashback that you can use to pay off student loans or put in a 529 college savings plan. If you have a child, this might be an awesome way to start a college savings while you source! 

Connecting your account to this plan earns you a $15 bonus.

Contributing to college is the best way to reap maximally from this site.

Upromise has partnered with over 850 online stores plus thousands of restaurants and grocery stores where you can earn up to 5% and 2.5%, respectively, in cashback deals.

Additionally, with a Upromise MasterCard, you’ll get 1.25% cashback on your purchases.

12. Pei App

This allows you to earn rewards in the form of cash or Bitcoins for online and in-store purchases through linking your debit or credit card.

To start earning rewards, you are required to link your payment card, then Pei tracks your card purchases and automatically awards 2% back for shopping with partner merchants.

You can install Google Chrome plug-in and earn up to 20% cashback for online purchases at over 8000 online stores.

You will need at least $25 to redeem PayPal, gift cards, and Bitcoin rewards.

13. MyPoints

Being among the oldest, this site was founded in 1996 and has partnered with over 1600 retailers, including Walmart, eBay, and Groupon.

It’s a points-based system where you earn points and redeem them for cashback.

The cashout options available here are visa prepaid cards, gift cards, PayPal, and travel miles. 


14. Capital One Shopping

This is not a cashback tool per see, as it gives you get gift cards rather than cashback.

It’s a browser extension that looks for better deals and coupon codes to apply when you check out.

You can exchange the loyalty points for gift cards once you receive them.

Capital One Shopping automatically checks for lower prices elsewhere when you visit any product page.

They then let you know of the outcome on the page itself. What’s more, they also have a local offers segment that gives you 3% or more cashback from local retailers.

15. Dosh

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive cashback on your preferred debit or credit card without having to switch cards, track coupons, or upload receipts to an app? That’s exactly what Dosh does.

The app tracks your purchases and automatically rewards you when you buy from partner retailers after creating an account and linking your cards.

It has partnerships with over 15,000 retailers.

You can withdraw your rewards to your bank account, Paypal, or Venmo once they hit $25.

16. Jewel

This is a relatively new cashback site that derives its name from its specialization in the luxury retail market.

As a result of this unique specialty, the site has exclusive partnerships, which means you can only get cashback from them on this platform.

The platform has over 500 brands ranging from clothiers to health and beauty retailers, including travel brands.

Some stores offer as much as 15% cashback. You’ll also get a $5 bonus upon sign up.

17. BerryCart

This is a shopping app that gives you cash back rebates in discounts, coupons, and deals on healthy foods.

The BerryCart app helps you search for over 25,000 stores, including Walmart, Target, Wholefoods, and Sproule.

Different products have different cashback amounts. However, you can expect to make between $2- $25. So, the more products you purchase, the more cashback you earn.

Once you accrue some money in your account, you can redeem it via Paypal cash or gift cards.

18. Coupon Cactus

This is an online shopping platform that offers cashback services and shopping discounts.

It offers its customers the most recent online discount codes, the best promotional offers, and some fantastic deals. 

Additionally, Coupon Cactus, besides earning you cashback, provides you with the most up-to-date and the best available coupons available for every online store you visit.

Their cashout options are via check or direct transfer to PayPal. You can earn 2.5% cash back plus a $3 sign-up bonus with this platform.

19. Extrabux

This is an international cashback site that has links with over 6000 stores offering up to 30% cashback. Impressive, Isn’t it?

Extrabux offers discounts and discount codes in addition to rebates, allowing you to maximize your savings.

The platform’s browser plug-in automatically tracks your cashback and makes obtaining rebates a breeze.

This means that even if you go straight to a store’s website and make a purchase, you will still get your cash back.

Installing the browser extension allows you to easily browse your preferred stores without using Extrabux first.


20. RetailMeNot

This platform allows you to get cashback from thousands of stores and brands.

Besides cashback, RetailMeNot provides coupons, gift card deals, sales, and promo codes, allowing you to make optimal savings. Your rebate is sent to your PayPal account.

The rebate offers RetailMeNot greatly vary from store to store.

Another great feature is that you can use it to obtain cashback in-store by linking your credit or debit card with your account and making payments with the linked card.

The cashback earned is then sent to your RetailMeNot wallet.

21. Paribus

Again – this isn’t a cashback site exactly, but it’s too good to not be on this list. 

It can be quite irritating to see an item you just bought at full price going for 50% off, right? Missing out on a saving opportunity is really frustrating.

Paribus helps you get back your money and avoid missing out on saving opportunities.

It searches through your inbox for receipts from the stores it tracks. If it notices a recent price drop for an item that you purchased, it goes ahead to get you a rebate for the difference.

This is extremely convenient because it ensures that you still get the best prices for your purchases without moving a finger.

22. GetPaidTo

This site gives you cashback for shopping online from their over 1000 partner stores.

You will get cashback, discounts, coupons, and exclusive deals for various products for shopping via GetPaidTo.

One dollar is equivalent to 5000 points. The payment options available under this platform are PayPal or gift cards.

The most outstanding thing about this website is its low payout threshold of $1 plus multiple payment options.

23. Groupon

You can save up to 70% on the products you purchase online from the various retailers they’ve partnered with. It’s rare to find something on here for online arbitrage, but it has been done, so that’s why I’m including it on my list.

The site is convenient as it allows you to use it to get cashback from various restaurants.

Besides shopping, Groupon is unique because it allows you to save on various things, including travel and restaurants.

The app also allows you to set savings notifications for deals near you and has an app available for Android and iOS devices.


24. Coupon Cabin

With over 3500 stores to choose from, you can earn cashback easily with this platform.

Just like the name suggests, it also offers coupons. There are coupon codes and printable codes available, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.

Coupon Cabin has exclusive deals for individual stores rather than providing a single general cashback rate for all retailers.

You may be able to find great deals on this app that can earn you up to 10% cashback. You have an option to receive your payment via check, PayPal, or gift cards. 

25. ReceiptPal

This works just like Ibotta but differs in one aspect.

Unlike Ibotta that requires you to choose specific deals before going shopping and purchasing items featured in those offers to earn rebates, ReceiptPal allows you to upload a picture of any receipt and receive a rebate.

This is convenient as it frees you from purchasing a particular product or shop at a specific store.

To get your points, you only need to upload your e-receipt from any store. You can redeem these points for gift cards.

26. iConsumer

This allows you to become an investor when you shop on their website.

This essentially implies that instead of receiving cashback in cash that you can use immediately, you will receive a share in the business.

With iConsumer, the focus is on shares. However, you also earn cashback upon reaching their $25 threshold.

27. Simply Best Coupons

This platform is available globally for stores that deal in a wide range of categories, from automobiles to clothing. You can use it for both cashback and discounts.

It allows you to install a browser extension to ensure you don’t miss out on any cashback opportunity.

With this, you can earn a 5% referral bonus of their cashback earnings up to $50. However, there is no signup bonus.

28. CashCrate

This is another cashback site that offers hundreds of online retailers to shop from and earn cashback.

Besides rebates, the biggest advantage of it is that it allows you to raise money in multiple ways.

You can earn by experimenting with new deals, signing up for free websites and services, participating in market research surveys, and referring friends.

29. Fetch Rewards

No matter where you shop, this free app for Apple and Android gives you rewards on multiple popular products.

With this mobile app, You just need to scan your receipts and let them do the rest.

It’s straightforward to claim rewards with this app regardless of where you shop from.

Their referral program gives 2000 points as soon as your referral scans their first receipt.

30. MainStreetSHARES 

Formerly known as BigCrumbs, this cash back website focused on changing how cashback works.

The company claims to be a community of members who earn cashback from their shopping at top online stores.

They also claim to receive a share of total company profits each month, earn a commission when their referrals shop, and receive a payout when MainStreetSHARES is acquired.

The platform gives you cashback on shopping and lets you earn a share of the store you shop from. Isn’t this awesome?

Final Thoughts 

As an online arbitrage reseller, are you taking advantage of cashback sites? If not, you are missing out big time on padding your profit margins.

Cashback websites may appear complicated at first, but once you get the grip, you will realize how easy it is to earn when you shop online and make savings from it.

With so many ways of getting your cashback today, saving cannot be easier. Go ahead and make your choice.

Using a cashback website could be all you need, especially for your online arbitrage business. After all, you have nothing to lose and all the cashback in the world to gain.