Best Amazon Seller Podcasts To Help Up Your Game

Which is the best Amazon seller podcast?

As an entrepreneur, you need information on how you can steer your Amazon business to success.

However, you might have no time to go through books. In this case, podcasts will come in handy. You can listen to those while you drive to work, mow the yard, or even while you take a shower.

But, how will you know the best from the numerous options available?

Well, you are in the right place.

This article gives you a list of the best Amazon FBA seller podcasts in no particular order.

In my favorite David Letterman voice, let’s get to the top 10! 

10 Best Amazon Seller Podcast Shows 

1.| The Helium 10-Serious Sellers Podcast

Are you a part-time Amazon seller looking to up your game in the business? Then the Helium 10 podcast is right for you.

With several discussions about Amazon’s sales data and algorithms, this podcast presents various talks centered on motivating part-time sellers to move towards becoming full-time success stories.

Suppose you are a novice with some bit of advanced knowledge of Amazon selling systems. In that case, this podcast will prove beneficial due to its significant focus on offering motivation to part-time sellers.

What’s more, you will gain valuable insights on how to get to the top using Amazon FBA from their various guest hosts and the new content released every Tuesday and Thursday.

2.| Rock Your Brand (Formerly Amazing Seller Podcast)

Created by Scott Voelker, this podcast is renowned for its simplicity and great advice. The Amazing Seller podcast started a simple recording of his own business.  Now it aims to inspire people to take action and change their lives through their ultimate freedom business.

Whether a beginner, an expert or someone in between, Scott’s in-depth analysis on various topics and issues will help you move your business to the next level.

For any Amazon-related queries, this podcast, from keyword tracking to Amazon listing optimization and even product sourcing, will give you all you need to achieve success in Amazon selling. 

This is definitely for you if you seek more than just a few pointers and prefer an in-depth analysis of issues.

3.| Private Label Movement (Formerly Private Label Podcast)

Does expert opinion matter to you?  You want to check out this private label podcast.

If yes, then this podcast by Kevin Rizer, a respected and influential Amazon FBA selling professional, got your back on all matters of private label selling.

In his 200 plus episodes, Kevin shares his journey in private label selling, including his struggles and successes, which you can learn from.

The Private Label movement carries out engaging and conversational interviews with successful Amazon entrepreneurs and asks even the silliest questions to present you with the best-selling strategies, inspirational tales, and FBA news.

Jonathan Gabriel recently took over the podcast and now hosts other top sellers outside Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage

4.| My Wife Quit Her Job

Are you fed up with the routine 9 to 5 job and looking forward to making Amazon selling business your main hustle? Then, this podcast should make it on your list.

Created and hosted by Steve Chou and his wife, this refreshing and charming podcast focuses on creating awareness among people that there’s more to life than work.

Besides concentrating on the success stories of small business entrepreneurs, it also offers technical tips, hacks, and analytics on listings optimization, Amazon listings, online marketing included.

This podcast offers a lot to learn as it features entrepreneurs who have built their online empires from scratch.

5.| Seller Round Table: Amazon FBA Podcast

Hosted by a seven-figure Amazon seller Andy Arnott and business consultant Amy Wees, this is a live weekly podcast that offers you nuggets of knowledge through free coaching and Q & A sessions.

Andy and Amy, in their podcast, offer actionable tips and tricks to help you master Amazon FBA and achieve success in a shorter time.

You’ll gain essential knowledge on Amazon selling, marketing, and optimization from the Amazon FBA podcast hosts, Amazon SEO, and marketing experts.

The podcast’s primary purpose is to assist new Amazon sellers and other online entrepreneurs with its guests’ and hosts’ advice acting as the roadmap for these entrepreneurs.

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6.| The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

Unlock the secrets that will help you convert your part-time hustle into a full-time income with the Full-Time FBA Show podcast.

Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman host this podcast. They share beneficial insights covering successful Amazon reseller tactics, proven approaches to developing your business, and how to increase your earnings on Amazon while spending less time doing it.

In addition to sharing their own experience, the hosts occasionally conduct interviews with successful full-time Amazon resellers who share their stories, including how they got started, difficulties they overcame, and their Amazon FBA journey success. Is there a better way to learn than this?

7.| The Smart Online Seller

In need of tips that can help you steer your Amazon online business to greater heights? The Smart Online seller podcast will offer you the knowledge and learning you’re after.

The podcast is hosted by Justin Balk, who is immensely knowledgeable in all the areas of online selling.

You’ll get a wealth of marketing advice from its interviews with several Amazon and private label vendors who have successfully built thriving businesses.

The podcast also offers complete information on Amazon PPC techniques, SEO, retail arbitrage, product research, and drop shipping.

8.| The David Alladin Show

Formerly known as the AmzSecrets show, this podcast seeks to push Amazon sellers to their boundaries to help them achieve their Amazon goals.

This Amazon podcast, hosted by David Alladin, features successful entrepreneurs, professional sellers, and industry leaders sharing the newest techniques, ideas, and secrets for Amazon’s business success.

Instead of just focusing on topics for novice entrepreneurs, the podcast goes deeper into intellectual topics to supply their listeners with an in-depth understanding of their guests’ specific expertise.

If you are searching for a service to help you grow your business, the AMZsecrets podcast is a great place to start.

9.| FBA Journey Podcast

The most effective way to learn is through the mistakes of successful entrepreneurs, don’t you agree? If this is your belief, FBA Journey is an ideal podcast for you.

Hosted by R.C. Rice, a top entrepreneur, who worked her way to become a well-rounded seller, this podcast is great for new sellers who are just beginning their journey in the Amazon selling business.

Rice gives her listeners first-hand information on her extensive experience from being a total newbie to a successful seller today.

You can utilize this podcast to learn from the host’s mistakes if you intend to make it huge in the Amazon industry.

10.| The Ask Jordan Podcast

Wouldn’t you love to get advice from an individual with the expertise and reputation? If this matters to you, then the Ask Jordan Podcast is your ideal podcast.

Hosted by Jordan Malik, a best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and a top Amazon seller, this podcast helps online sellers to increase their revenues through various strategies.

The most admirable thing about Jordan’s Amazon FBA podcasts is that it’s based on actual questions from the listeners.

You’ll greatly benefit from his wide range of topics covering product sourcing, tax implications, legal obligations, and accounting.

There are hundreds of relatively short, value-packed episodes and efficiently answered questions to choose from.

Final Thoughts 

Amazon seller’s podcasts can provide you with valuable insights geared towards achieving success in your online business.

These podcasts feature success stories by entrepreneurs who have made it in the industry. Listening to these stories can help you identify effective strategies and learn from their mistakes to better your business.

So, which is the best podcast for you as an Amazon seller? I recommend subscribing to all 10 of these and listen to as much as you possibly can! 

Well, you will be sure to find one that appeals and suits your needs best from our list.

The next time you are stuck in traffic, make most of this time listening to podcasts that will benefit your business.