Best Amazon Price Tracker To Find Good Product Deals

Which is the best Amazon price tracker?

Have you been missing out on awesome deals simply because you have no idea when they happen?

Well, you no longer have to miss any bargains anymore. All you need is a good price tracker app.

But, which is the best?

We have researched and compiled a list of the best-known price trackers tools you’ll find today to make it easier for you.

Let’s take a look! 

What Is An Amazon Price Tracker? 

This tool for Amazon sellers monitors product price variations and delivers alerts when a decrease or a price increase.

Price trackers also assist in evaluating the pricing of various products to give you discount alerts and the best value for your money. It also gives you an idea of the average selling price of a given item. 

10 Best Amazon Price Trackers 

1.| Keepa

This is a popular European-based tracking tool that serves different countries, including Brazil, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, Italy, the US, UK, Mexico, France, and Spain.  

It pretty much is the Cadillac of Amazon price trackers.

The pricing tool allows you to set price tracking for preferred products at any time. It automates price tracking with access to past price change data for the chosen product.

With the Keepa API, you can compare and track international Amazon prices or set a price watch and get notified when it touches your targeted price. How cool is that?

The tool has extensions for all popular browsers, including Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

2. | CamelCamelCamel

Camelcamelcamel browser extension is a well-known tracking tool due to its ease of use and ability to deliver on its promise.

The site keeps you up to date on the products you’re interested in with real-time alerts to enable you to take advantage of exclusive deals before they sell out. 

It not only displays price history charts for millions of Amazon products but also allows you to create watches that will notify you of a price drop in your interested products.

The best part about this tracker is that it’s free. You can either register to get email alerts or remain anonymous and watch for price alerts on your newsreader.

Tactical Arbitrage

3.| Honey

If you are looking for a price comparison tool to help you save money online, then Honey got your back.

Priding itself in its ubiquity and ease of use, this app not only notifies you of a price drop in the market but also finds coupons, bumper deals, and promotion codes for whatever products you are looking for. Isn’t this great?

In addition, it searches and compares product prices from various retailers to offer you the best prices. What’s more, this free service can showcase historical pricing for up to 120 days.

Honey is available as an app or browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

4.| Earny

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a product you just bought at full price going on sale the next day, right? Well, you can now say goodbye to these frustrations with Earny.

Besides price tracking and price drop alerts, this tool takes a step further and tracks your purchases, then notifies you when the price of a product you bought drops.

It also scans your email for previously purchased items, allowing you to price-track items on Amazon and other online sites.

What’s more exciting about Earny is that you can get a cashback on products already purchased if their price goes down. This is cool, isn’t it?

5.| Waatcher

Don’t want to miss out on the current deals? If this is the case, you should check Waatcher out.

Besides sending you pricing alerts, this pricing tracker also allows you to set a maximum price you are willing to pay for a product and automatically place an order on your behalf when the target price is reached.

This will ensure that you don’t miss out on hot deals before the price goes back up. This is a good fit for tracking holiday deals, daily deals, cyber Monday deals, and black Friday deals. Just sync the app with your Amazon account and allow it to do the rest.

amazon price tracker

6.| Amazon Assistant

This is Amazon’s own homegrown price tracking tool that allows users to compare prices on Amazon and check out Amazon’s past price history.

The straightforward and free-to-use tool can help you track prices throughout the web, compare the extensions’ products, and receive updates on your Amazon orders and delivery.

In addition, this software can provide you with deal notifications about your Amazon transactions, special offers, fantastic deals, plus many more. It also allows you to make price comparisons when shopping on other sites.

The tool’s price history tool goes back to 30 days. Amazon Assistant is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera, but it doesn’t support Safari.

7.| The Tracktor

If you are looking for an Amazon price history tracker with only the most essential price bits without unnecessary add-ons, then this is it.

This free-to-use tool comes with unique features, including the movers’ tab that lets you see the products that have realized the biggest price increases or decreases in Amazon over the previous day.

It also comes with a trending tab that shows the most popular products that are currently trending and the most tracked overall.

The tool is available for Chrome and Firefox and works with Amazon sites in the US, UK, Japan, France, Canada, and Germany.

8.| Penny Parrot

This is an easy-to-use Amazon price history tracker with extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and an iOS shortcut that allows you to create price alerts for items on your iPhone.

The tracker comes with a detailed price history chart for all the Amazon products allowing you to discover the best time to buy a product.

Better still, it features a clutter-free interface with an intelligent search that lets you track down deals using various filters in addition to using Amazon’s URL.

With this tool, you can set price alerts for Amazon and other third-party new or used prices by entering the desired target price and email.

9.| Price Pulse

This price tracker takes advantage of artificial intelligence to keep you updated on the trending deals on Amazon. It also gives you expert tips on the right time to get favorite deals.

The tool first identifies all the likely purchase options and goes ahead to give suggestions as to whether to take the deal at that moment or to give it some more time and wait for another price drop. Interesting, uh?

Using the app, you will be able to access multiple top deals for numerous products. It comes with a barcode scanning feature that allows you to compare prices and find the lowest prices.

10.| Price Tracker for Amazon

Tracking deals is never a big deal when you can get real-time alerts even when on the move. This is what the Price Tracker for Amazon excels at.

This Android Amazon price tracker offers you real-time alerts to keep you updated on existing price drops.

The integrated browser is more intriguing about this app, which lets you search for your favorite product category right from the app and set alerts for them.

You will obtain a deeper understanding of the price-changing pattern using the tool’s price change history. You can also customize the app to receive alerts whenever prices drop, featured deals, or your target is reached.

Use Tactical Arbitrage As An Amazon Price Tracker For Your Product Leads

You can also make use of Tactical Arbitrage for price tracking of products you want to source. This is an Amazon price tracker that can help you to auto-update your leads. You can utilize the power of Tactical Arbitrage to save you some time for manually checking them.

It can assist you in creating a list and have leads updated with target ROI.

Follow these steps to utilize tactical arbitrage for product leads:

  • Fill your queue with a scan
  • Go to the data folder, view and filter the products data
  • Move the products to an auto-update folder where they will be updated daily
  • You will be notified when your products meet your requirements of ROI, stock level, etc.
  • If any of the updated products meet your standards/requirements, you can move them to the ‘’buy’’ folder to create a shopping list

That’s how you can utilize Tactical Arbitrage to get product leads. Simple yet so powerful. Go ahead and try it.

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Final Thoughts 

You no longer have to miss a killer deal or pay a penny more unnecessarily. These top Amazon price trackers can help you track price changes and bag incredible deals on your desired products.

So, which one of these trackers has caught your attention?

No matter your choice, we’re sure you are getting the best. Go ahead and make most of it.

Besides, many of the trackers highlighted in our list are free, and you won’t need to spend any dime.

I recommend giving Tactical Arbitrage a try today to track Amazon prices. It is a powerful tool that can help you track prices for items on Amazon and help you source items when they hit their low price!