Tactical Arbitrage Pricing Updates

When you talk, we listen. We have polled our users on Tactical Arbitrage pricing, taken the feedback, and are updating our plans as a result.

We know there will be a lot of questions anytime there is a pricing change. To make life easier, we are writing this post to explain the changes, answer some frequently asked questions, and keep you in the loop.

What Are the Main Pricing Changes?

Before we dive into the specifics, we need to make a few important statements:

  1. The new pricing went live on Wednesday, April 10, 2024.
  2. If you are a current Tactical Arbitrage subscriber, you are not going to see an increase in your annual pricing UNLESS you change your plan. You will just see a switch in what is included in your subscription.
  3. Monthly prices are not changing. We are changing the pricing for annual plans for NEW USERS only. If you are on a monthly plan, you will not see an increase, but you will see a difference in what is included in your subscription.
  4. Current Tactical Arbitrage subscribers will be moved over to the new pricing structure unless they opt out of the switch. Opting out is done by contacting our customer support team. I would recommend reading the entire post before making your decision on opting in or out. (Personally, I wouldn’t opt out.)
  5. The new plans will have unlimited scanning minutes and will have caps on the number of concurrent searches and queued searches. This means all accounts will be able to scan as long as they want. They will only have limits on how many scans they can have running and set to run next at once.
  6. We have rolled out a new Pro subscription designed for the arbitrage professional. This was only available as a yearly plan at first, but on May 9, 2024, we added a monthly plan. You can get a lifetime $10 discount on Pro Monthly if you sign up between now and June 13 with the code MONTHLYPROOFF. 

And now on to the big reveal of the new annual pricing and scan caps:

New Annual Pricing Model

PlanCurrent Annual PricesNew Annual Prices
Flip Pack$600$590
Online Arbitrage$840$890
WS + OA$1,020$1,090
Full Suite$1,140$1,290
ProDidn’t Exist$1,490

New Scan Caps

Customer TypeConcurrent Scans CapQueued Scans Cap
Base Subscription43

I’m a Current Tactical Arbitrage User, What Happens to My Plan?

Tactical Arbitrage product search in progress
On the new pricing, minute limits are gone and you can run searches nonstop.

First off, thank you for using Tactical Arbitrage!

If you are a current user, you are going to see a switch to unlimited minutes and capped concurrent and queued searches. You ARE NOT going to see a change in your price.

You will not need to do anything on your end to make this happen. We are going to automatically move you over to the new plan (unless you opt out). As long as you maintain your subscription, you are going to be receiving the same rate you were before the switch, and your bill will renew at the same rate as long as you stay with us.

You do have the option to upgrade to the new Pro plan (more info below) if you would like to do so. This provides a higher cap for concurrent and queued scans, plus a lot of other awesome benefits.

And even better: We’ll give you a discount for upgrading to the new Pro plan. If you are a current subscriber, you will be able to save $100 on the annual subscription to Pro.*

*You must have subscribed to Tactical Arbitrage before or on February 24, 2024. If you are eligible for this discount, you will have received an email with the coupon code.

Important note: If you upgrade or downgrade plans going forward, you’ll be moved to new pricing plans. We are grandfathering you in with the old prices, but they are subject to change if you change your subscription.

If you have questions or concerns with this, please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected] at any time!

What Does the Pro Plan Include?

A queued product search. Pro Plan users can have up to 20 queued searches at once, vs. 3 queued searches on other plans.

As you can tell from the new pricing model, we have rolled out a new plan: Pro. The Pro plan is $159 per month when paid monthly. When paid annually, it’s just $1,490 per year, giving you more than two and a half months free. 

Discounts are available for both plans, but only for a limited time:

  • If you’ve had an active account since February 24, 2024 or earlier, you can get the $100 discount on Pro Annual simply by switching to it now. This will drop the price to $1,390 per year.
  • Anyone can get a lifetime discount of $10 per month off Pro Monthly. Claim the discount by signing up by June 13, 2024 using this code: MONTHLYPROOFF

The Pro plan is designed for the power user who wants to be scanning all day long across multiple sites. It includes:

  • Full Suite features
  • 10 concurrent scans and 20 queued scans at a time
  • Unlimited minutes
  • And more to come

More Pro features will be rolled out in the coming months that will include InventoryLab integrations and new tools for list builders.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Changes

Amazon price and sales rank history in Tactical Arbitrage
All plans will continue to have access to the same decision-critical product sourcing data as before.

If I have learned anything from my time as a professor, I know that there are always additional questions. I have gathered the frequently asked questions and provided the answers below. If you still have questions, I recommend you reach out to our customer support team and they will be happy to help!

As a current user, what do I have to do to upgrade to the new pricing and features?

Nothing at all. You’ll be automatically migrated to the new pricing structure and there won’t be a price change. If you would like to stay on the current pricing structure, please reach out to our customer support team (I don’t recommend this, but you do your thing).

How do I opt out of the new pricing structure?

I’m going to recommend you don’t go this route, but I respect your decision if you do.

Minute limits on Tactical Arbitrage's old pricing.
Just remember you’ll still have to deal with minute limits like the one shown above if you opt out of the new pricing.

If you would like to opt out, you need to contact customer support to do so. Please note that opting out will require you to pay the new pricing structure if you choose to switch in the future (i.e., you lose the discount for being a loyal customer).

I opted out of the new pricing. Can I opt in if I change my mind?

I tried to warn you above, but once you opt out of the new pricing plan, you are unable to retain the lower pricing. If you want to opt in to the new pricing plan after opting out, you will have to go with the prices posted on the website and cannot use the previous prices.

Again—I recommend not opting out so you can keep your lower pricing.

What is my new scan number limit?

For all non-Pro plans, you’ll have 4 active concurrent scans and 3 queued scans at a time.

For Pro plan users, you’ll have 10 active concurrent scans and 20 queues at a time.

For all plans, there will be no more minute limits.

Scan limit on the Amazon Flips screen
An example of a base subscription scan cap warning. The user has 4 concurrent scans running and 3 queued already, so they must wait for at least one search to finish before queueing another.

Whoa—I like this new model, but I canceled last year. Can I resubscribe?

Customers that left us after the last pricing change will get a free month when restarting Tactical Arbitrage with any annual plan. You qualify for this if you canceled a subscription that ended in 2023.

I’m a current subscriber and I want to upgrade to the Pro plan. Do I get a discount?

If you are a current Tactical Arbitrage subscriber, we value your loyalty and we are happy to offer you a discount if you would like to switch to Pro. If you have been subscribed to Tactical Arbitrage since February 24, 2024 or earlier, check your email for a code for $100 off the annual Pro plan (bringing the price down to $1,390 annually).

What happens to my subscription if I have a discounted plan?

No worries here. You’ll keep your discount unless you make a change to your plan.

For instance, if you currently have a 20% discount on the Online Arbitrage annual plan, you’ll still receive that discount. Nothing else is changing for you.

What happens to my subscription if I have already paid for a year in early 2024 and I don’t opt out?

You will no longer be charged for extra minutes. Your account will get unlimited minutes and caps of 4 concurrent scans and 3 queued scans. If you have purchased extra minutes or extra scans from Rubies Store, we’ll refund you the Rubies. At the end of the yearly billing cycle, your next invoice will reflect a discounted price (keeping it the same as what you paid the previous year).

For example, if you are on an Online Arbitrage yearly plan, your next invoice will be $890 with a $50 discount, so you only pay $840.

I saw a deal in the Tactical Arbitrage Facebook group…

You aren’t crazy if you think you saw Yoda mention a deal for loyal Tactical Arbitrage subscribers. If you have been a subscriber of Tactical Arbitrage since February 24, 2024 or further back, you will be able to upgrade to the Pro Annual plan with a $100 discount.

Additionally, anyone who wants to subscribe to Pro Monthly has a limited-time opportunity to claim a lifetime discount of $10 per month. Sign up for or switch to Pro Monthly by June 13, 2024 with the code MONTHLYPROOFF to redeem this offer.

I opted out of the new pricing. Can I downgrade or upgrade my plan using the old pricing?

No you cannot. You can upgrade or downgrade, but if you do, you will be moved to the new pricing structure.

I opted out of the new pricing. Can I make changes to the minutes in my subscription?

Yes. You can still purchase minutes just like before, but remember you can switch over and have unlimited minutes with the new pricing structure.

I am on a monthly plan with extra minutes. Can I opt out of the new pricing?

You can, but I would take a look at your subscription and compare it to the new model. With the new pricing model, there is no longer a cap on the minutes and you might actually be paying more for a more limited version of the software.

Wait! I just spent my Rubies on extra minutes and scans!?!

Nothing is worse than the feeling that you have bought something that is no longer worth anything (makes me reminisce about my Beanie Baby collection). We get it and we are not going to leave you high and dry. All Rubies used to purchase extra minutes and extra scans will be returned to your account with the implementation of the new pricing structure. 


Product Search settings in Tactical Arbitrage
The new plans remove all limits on the amount of time you can have scans running each month.

Just a quick summary of everything:

  1. The new pricing went into effect on April 10, 2024.
  2. Current customers won’t have their pricing switched—they will get to keep their old price on the new plan (unless they opt out of the changes).
  3. No action is needed from current customers unless they wish to opt out, which they can do by contacting [email protected].
  4. The new plans no longer have minute limits for scans. Instead, they will have new scan caps for concurrent and simultaneously queued scans. (They can start new scans as soon as those scans are finished.)
  5. We have launched a new Pro plan. Subscribers who have used TA since February 24, 2024 or earlier can get a $100 discount on the annual price by redeeming the code emailed to them. All users can claim a lifetime $10 discount on Pro Monthly by switching or signing up no later than June 13, 2024 with the code MONTHLYPROOFF. 
  6. All new customers will be moved to the new pricing plans (listed above).

I hope this post has explained the upcoming changes and has also answered all of your questions. If not, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team and they will be happy to assist.